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The LGBT community has had a long and impressive history of buying power in the travel and tourism industry. The LGBT travel market wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down, in fact, the dollars being spent by the LGBT community continued to break records. Based on tourism industry data, the annual economic impact of LGBT travelers is approximately $63 billion in the United States with 83% of LGBT people having a current passport, compared to 34% of all US adult citizens.

When LGBT members of the community traveled they made their motivations clear when spending their hard-earned dollars. They looked at a destination’s reputation for gay-friendliness, unique attractions, and brands that committed to the community with meanginful staff training and brand spending. In a “out and proud” world and a “Groupon” driven marketplace we knew it was time to bring the two together for a platform that would change the game for LGBT travelers.


We created OUT ESCAPES which offered members and friends of the LGBT community bookable travel and event packages at top destinations and properties around the world through limited-time sale offers. OUT ESCAPES was the first travel flash sales website ever to be geared for the LGBT community.

OUT ESCAPES brought together a diverse and highly skilled team of LGBT travel experts and industry writers as authorities on each exclusive escape and event. Members had access to hand-picked escape and event packages carefully curated and reviewed by experts to ensure small but significant moments--such as booking a room with one bed, having a couples massage, or celebrating a special and romantic occasion--over not overlooked. OUT ESCAPES offered members a curated collection of escape packages including accommodations at stunning properties and fabulous extras such as a spa service, an outdoor adventure, fresh flowers, gourmet dinner prepared by a chef, or even a wedding.

Membership was free and each sale was available for seven days or until inventory ran out. OUT ESCAPES invited members to be a part of MEET ME HERE which gave an opportunity for members to view each other’s profiles, travel dates, and arrange a meeting during their escape and/or event.

We provided OUT ESCAPES with the following marketing services:

  • Designed and developed website and technology providing the opportunity for the consumer to be fully engaged with the brand and provided businesses with revenue stream to reach a niche market. Technology included a booking engine, e-commerce system, social media platforms, consumer profiles and reviews.

  • Managed creative team in designing consumer website, marketing materials and email blasts.

  • Managed global escape and event expert team and created job duties and editorial expectations.

  • Developed content and brand incentives to secure consumer membership through a credit system for registration and ongoing promotions with business partners.

  • Designed, executed and implemented the technology for the archive system which provided the platform for businesses to reach the consumers, providing an additional source of revenue for the company.

  • Worked with and executed relationships with major LGBT-friendly tourism brands including properties, publicists, event planners and tourism boards in securing business and advertising revenue.

  • Designed media kit and sponsorship opportunities for major brands to have exclusive placement and exposure to consumers. Media kit included commission-based opportunities and advertising.

  • Designed, built and managed Gay Tripper Blog, launched by Out Escapes, which included building a strategic marketing plan for ad revenue, securing global contributors and original editorial content.

  • Executed and developed relationships with strategic partners to expand the consumer base and brand loyalty, resulting in higher sales and brand recognition in the LGBT community.

  • Executed and developed a comprehensive media launch to engage and provide exposure for the brand.




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