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The consumer peer-to-peer rental market alone is worth $26 billion. In a shared economy, also known as collaborative consumption or peer-to-peer rental arrangements, consumers rent or share items they already own, such as furniture, sports equipment, cars and homes, or services they have, for a profit. Airbnb is the most prominent example of a huge new β€œsharing economy,” in which people rent beds, cars, boats and assets directly from each other, coordinated via the internet. Estimated global Airbnb revenue in 2015 was $900 million, and is expected to top $10 billion by the year 2020.

As brick and mortar brands continue to be challenged by the ever-changing marketplace, we see experiential marketing, especially in the travel and hospitality industry, is taking a front seat to create opportunities that enrich the experience for the modern day traveler.

SOLUTION was created from a love of design, unique travel experiences, and foreseen opportunity in a new, highly profitable marketplace. was started by Paper Napkin Marketing Creative Director, Todd Murray, who was inspired by independent makers, such as Etsy shop owners, and character-driven shared accommodations, such as Airbnb. He immediately saw an opportunity to bring unique travel experiences together with guests looking to book a stay and shop experience.

MixMatch hoped to build a collection of exceptional Airbnb rental properties filled with products from Etsy sellers and other major brands. These MixMatch Airbnb properties serve as not only an alternative to the standard hotel experience but simultaneously offer a curated destination where consumers can shop, get inspired, find their favorite home and lifestyle brands, and discover new ones while living among the physical products. Through the power of technology, guests can bring those experiences and brands or products home with them, which effectively makes every MixMatch property a unique design showcase and unparalleled escape.

Paper Napkin Marketing provided with the following services:

  • Developed concept and vision for

  • Developed social media presence including channels, calendar, and established a brand guide for content development.

  • Developed dynamic mobile-friendly website which created an opportunity for potential investors to experience the brand from the perspective of the guest. The website included introducing the team, concierge service, a (1500 S. Los Angeles Street) including all the products available to buy, as well as a guide for Etsy shops and/or brands looking to be sold and/or an Airbnb host looking to have their space converted to an exclusive

  • Developed concierge service which created an opportunity for guests to add services and/or experiences to their stay.

  • Developed partnerships, created agreements, and secured over $15,000 in products from hundreds of Etsy shops to be featured in a (1500 Los Angeles Street).

  • Designed and installed in a (1500 Los Angeles Street).

  • Developed product photo shoot along with commercial for Production responsibilities included developing concept, storyboard, messaging, overseeing production team, and post production, and identifying assets for social media.

  • Established dynamic board who brought their experience in design, public relations, travel, editorial and marketing and deeply-rooted entrepreneurial commitment to the table.

  • Created business plan along with investor deck for Esty shops, major brands, and investors to learn about the opportunity to be a part of






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