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Consumer Fusion provides business owners the tools to monitor and improve their online presence. They offer customers the only dashboard that tracks rankings in Google, manually disputes negative reviews for removal, and optimizes the most popular directories.

Consumer Fusion needed to make strategic decisions regarding how it presented itself in order to stand out and reach new customers in a compelling way through:

  • Cultivating a unique brand to distinguish itself from its competitors.

  • Reaching new customers using a combination of marketing approaches and content.

  • Launching new products developed with marketing in mind from the beginning.

Without putting a system in place to assure it reaches new customers using every tool at its disposal, Consumer Fusion left its long-term profitability to chance in an overwhelmingly competitive market.


Paper Napkin Marketing developed a campaign sharing the human side of Consumer Fusion by telling the story of businesses who have seen success from monitoring and improving their online presence. The content captured at each business was utilized in marketing collateral including an education illustrated video introducing the company and services along with the development of a website. The marketing collateral met the goals of separating itself and it’s services in a crowded marketplace.

Paper Napkin Marketing provided Consumer Fusion with the following marketing services:

  • Developed concept, wrote script, and produced illustrated video sharing and explaining the services provided by Consumers Fusion.

  • Developed website, optimized for various mobile devices. Website development included writing copy, in partnership with Consumer Fusion, producing assets, and uploading content created by Paper Napkin Marketing to website.





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