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Imagine you are a young adult, on the brink of starting the most exciting chapter in your life, and then you learn you are HIV positive. What would you do? Would you know where to turn? Even with half of HIV infections in young adults under the age of 25, this remains largely a silent epidemic.


We broke the silence with the Road to Hope Tour, a nationwide tour sponsored by Cable Positive and the Elton John Foundation, that brought together national partners and young people living with HIV. The speakers, in partnership with Student Global AIDS Campaign, embarked on two national Road to Hope Tours. A 7,000 mile journey in a 30-foot RV, visiting college campuses, inspiring students, and sharing message of advocacy, education, awareness, and the importance of knowing one’s HIV status. Many, if not most, of the students they met had never met a person living with the disease and this short but meaningful interaction created an opportunity for kindness and a change of perspective on what it means to be living, not dying, with HIV.

Each speaker on the tour shared their life changing experience and their struggles, opportunity and acceptance for themselves, peers, and their loved one. The group took stigma head on and addressed the fears, bias, oppression, stereotypes, and misconceptions, as well as finding their strength in their own story, each other, and the promise of hope.

Paper Napkin Marketing was honored to be a part of the Road to Hope Tour and celebrate the brave social pioneers, committed students, and moved the issue from a policy concern to an issue that is central to many young people's lives and future.

Paper Napkin Marketing provided the Road to Hope Tour with the following services:

  • Developed the concept for the tour.

  • Developed a sponsorship kit including tiered levels and secured national sponsors, including Oralquick, an at-home HIV testing kit.

  • Developed host kit including a list of benefits and secured tour stops at college and university campuses.

  • Recruited and trained speakers through community partners and social media. Training included story development, identifying messaging, and addressing stigmatizing questions.

  • Planned the logistics of the branded RV, secured a driver, and built the tour schedule which included strategic tour stops to meet and strengthen relationships with community partners.

  • Developed a survey to identify key outcomes from the tour. Collected results and provided each tour stop with an impact report which included common questions from participants and ways the campus could improve sexual health of their students.

  • Directed and produced the Road to Hope documentary, which was recognized by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, as well as won at the New York AIDS Film Festival.

  • Coordinated watch parties along with supplemental workshops for colleges interested in continuing the dialogue after their tour stop.




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