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Making landfall on November 3, 2013, Super Typhoon Yolanda devastated portions of Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines. The people of Cebu, Philippines were hit by the biggest super typhoon in history. The storm killed at least 6,300 in the Philippines alone and six months later bodies were still being found. According to UN officials, about 11 million people were affected and many were left homeless. The loss of crops, roads, hospitals, and homes were a recipe for disaster for a population that was already vulnerable.


Relief Team One, founded by Ray Arana, president of Western Construction Systems, heard the call for help and answered. His team headed to Cebu, Philippines, an area devastated by typhoon Yolanda, to make a positive impact that was real and lasting. Relief Team One provided micro-enterprise development and essential construction knowledge, materials, and assistance in building hundreds of homes for thousands of displaced and deserving families across the Philippines.

Relief Team One asked Paper Napkin Marketing to create marketing content that shared the story of the organization, work, people, and communities who benefited from their time and expertise. We went to work interviewing volunteers and families. The same message resonated through the families and communities. “Their new home, built in partnership with Relief Team One, gave the foundation for them to rebuild their lives.”

Paper Napkin Marketing provided Relief Team One with the following marketing services:

  • Directed and produced a documentary about the work of Relief Team One. The production included securing equipment and arranging travel, overseeing a production team, identifying participants, putting together a storyboard, interviewing and producing b-roll, and producing a trailer along with a 15-minute documentary.

  • Identified and met with community and country leaders to talk about the devastating impact of the storm and the positive impact of the work of the organization.

  • Created and produced the Home Is… campaign which asked participants to identify and write what home meant to them. The campaign featured families in and around their Relief Team One home, sharing their message of the work of the organization and the impact it had in rebuilding their lives.

  • Created a GoFundMe page which included writing the copy, establishing donor levels with local community partners, and managing engagement.




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Relief Team One had the good fortune to hire Paper Napkin Marketing to develop a video of our work in the Philippines where we responded to the Typhoon Yolanda ddisaster. The team was great and they had great ideas to showcase our work building housing and restoring fishing villages that were destroyed. Their program was very cost effective and I highly recommend Todd and his team.
— Ray Arana, President of Relief Team One