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Young voters account for half of the voting population which means they are a powerful political force. Unfortunately not all who can vote, will. We wanted to inspire young people to get involved in movements they were passionate about while sending the message that every vote counts. At Paper Napkin Marketing we saw the opportunity to bring together artists, musicians, powerful stories, and social justice to shed light on the needs, struggles, and successes of communities and create viral content that would reach young voters on social media.


Movvements is bringing the love of storytelling to create music video covers to today’s hottest hits from artists who have demonstrated a commitment to make a meaningful difference in the world. In each music video cover the cast are everyday people with extraordinary stories who have messages for and about their community. By taking relevant and well-known lyrics and creating a social justice driven music cover video, we engage the artist’s fans and followers to become change makers and join Movvements. Every week our change makers learn about ways they can get involved and make a meaningful difference in their backyard and around the world.

The first music cover video, These Days: The Obama Edition is inspiring hope, reminding us all of the importance of voting, and saying thank you to Barack and Michelle Obama who brought grace, honesty, and kindness during their time before, during, and after the White House. It is their commitment to lead with integrity that have us wishing we could go back to These Days.

Paper Napkin Marketing provided Movvements with the following marketing services:

  • Directed and produced the first music cover video, These Days: The Obama Edition. Paper Napkin Marketing developed the concept, wrote the script, secured the locations, wardrobe, and sponsors, secured crew and talent, and distributed a press release to media outlets.

  • Created dynamic social media campaign including running a Facebook ad campaign, developing channels including assets and copy, and created Movvement groups such as Black Lives Matter, Climate Change, Gun Violence, Immigration, Voting Rights, and Women’s Equality.

  • Delivered a fully responsive website that introduced Movvements, the team, These Days: The Obama Edition, the opportunity to be involved in the next music cover video, and content around each of the Movvements fans and followers can join.






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