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BBSI was established in 1951 and focuses on coaching, advising, and advocating for small business owners by helping them navigate the complexities that come with having employees.

Although BBSI has a wide footprint with 60+ offices in 23 states, each local branch is tasked with creating their own marketing and focusing on serving clients within a 50-mile radius. The Lake Oswego (Oregon) branch wanted to ensure that we could build a business partnership with their clients and help them maximize the operational efficiencies of their company.

While Lake Oswego had an impressive roster of clients, they recognized the new clients were coming through word of mouth, not digital marketing, which needed significant help.


Paper Napkin Marketing recognized that by creating a website that shared their services, introduced the team, and told the story of satisfied customers they could reach new business as well as increase the spend from current clients. We created a branding guide, established the colors and fonts for the brands, and worked with their team to collect content that would be needed for the website.

Paper Napkin Marketing provided BBSI with the following marketing services:

  • Created a dynamic and mobile friendly website for the client along with a branding guide.