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Gays with Stories was started in 2016 and was inspired by passion for the gay community, equality, and love of storytelling. The Instagram account invited gay couples from around the world to share their love story, in their own words. Gays with Stories generates almost one million impressions a week, has a higher engagement rate than Beyoncé, and has become a dynamic platform that is creating content and giving audiences a look into the lives of gay couples from around the world.

Gay influencers are reaching more audiences and brands are committed, more than ever, to reach those audiences. Influencers are looking to be a part of a colloborative community and brands don’t have an easy vehicle to reach and secure gay influencers whom create content and campaigns. Until now.


Paper Napkin Marketing has always brought together brands, people, and their stories to create powerful content. We recognized the potential for Gays with Stories to become a powerhouse platform that brings together influencers as well as providing a one-stop-shop for brands.

Gays with Stories partners with products, brands, cities, and events. We develop unique marketing campaigns and original content for social media which can be done, should the brand choose, with an influential gay couple. We have created an opportunity for brands to authentically engage with the Gays with Stories and power couples audience, meaning a lucrative opportunity for the brand looking to reach their target consumer.

Todd Murray, Creative Director at Paper Napkin Marketing, is the Marketing and Partnership Director at Gays with Stories and his roles include: developing the brand, establishing partnerships, securing sponsors, developing marketing collateral, and working with and securing opportunities for the Gays with Stories couples.




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