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The LGBT community is 10% of the population and is often referred to as the “invisible minority.”  We know that LGBT people rely on technology to meet and are pioneers in technology adoption. While the LGBT community relies on technology we know they have limited outlets to connect and media is limited to two magazines and one cable channel.

The community has seen progress including legalizing LGBT marriage and brands stepping forward to show support for the LGBT community. They have recognized the demographic is highly influential and often tastemakers in trends. We know that acceptance and a sense of community continues to be a problem. LGBT are asking questions such as:

  • Which brands support the LGBT community and want my business?

  • How can I identify other LGBT people in a mixed crowd?

  • Which places and events (LGBT or straight) are popular with LGBT people?

It was time for a community-driven app to bring together LGBT people!


One app brought together one community. was the first network that believed that LGBT people and straight allies are all first class citizen. The app and the website helped people connect with like-minded people and explore relevant places, events, activities, and travel packages. The app created a unique and attractive opportunity for brands to meet LGBT customers.   

We provided with the following marketing services:

  • Developed mobile tactics and dynamic campaigns around new users downloading and engaging in the app along with optimizing onboarding flows and messaging tools, including developing email and push notification communications.

  • Developed program and recruited LGBT and LGBT-friendly celebrities to participate on the app.

  • Developed and prepared materials for B2B program on app to engage with and provide a platform for local businesses looking to retrain and gain new customers.

  • Developed tools and services to entice and retain members along with established a series of enhanced services for paid members.

  • Developed program on app to sell event tickets and travel including LGBT-friendly or owned cruises, hotel packages and tours increasing the bottom line. Program included sales kit, sales agreement, allocation and supplier agreements and the development of the supplier administrative panel.

  • Developed interest-based component on app providing the opportunity for members to identify like-minded interests, in turn creating an opportunity to secure and increase retention of members.

  • Developed sponsor-based opportunities for like-minded LGBT-friendly companies.

  • Created a series of relevant media content built for social media utilizing LGBT-friendly brands and local LGBT venues. Developed a concept, social media integration, oversaw production and developed sponsorship kit for brands for on-site placement during the event and within major LGBT media outlets.

  • Developed and executed high profile events for app which included local celebrities, red carpet, media outreach and attendance, partner sponsorship, brand placement, media content, social media integration and successful app member enrollment.

  • Developed powerful storytelling content around socially driven topics important to the LGBT community including HIV, drug use, transgender issues, and coming out.

  • Developed comprehensive sales and marketing plan to reach and secure business from LGBT-friendly brands through advertising, sponsorship, media placement, social media, and partnerships.