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In the gay community and for those living with HIV, often insecurities and fears dominate their well being. Todd, the Creative Director of Paper Napkin Marketing, wanted to be part of creating change and inspiring others to come together to conquer their fears, live a strong and confident life, and send the message that it’s okay to fall as long as we get back up. He recognized the pressure within the gay community to have the perfect body and wanted to challenge the community to have a healthy mind, body, and soul free from fear and discrimination. He wanted to create content that shared the struggles and successes in reaching one’s goals and to start a candid conversation to inspire others with HIV to find their strength and know that anything is possible.


The Body Beautiful Project, in partnership with HIVPlus Magazine, documented six months at the Bodybuilding Camp, produced by Paper Napkin Marketing, in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. During the experience, Todd pushed himself with fear challenges, submitted by users, and shared his struggles, successes, trip and tips while trying to reach his goals for his mind, body, and soul. The docu-series invited participation from others and asked him to share their own goals and experiences in reaching them.

Paper Napkin Marketing provided Body Beautiful Project with the following marketing services:

  • Developed the concept for the campaign, branding, and social media channels including a social media calendar.

  • Created a Kickstarter page with levels of rewards for participants to become part of the process.

  • Traveled to Puerto Vallarta and participated in fear-based challenges and workouts with Mexico's leading trainers.

  • Created video diaries sharing the experience and tips and tricks he learned from industry experts.

  • Developed a promotional video for the campaign, which was used on social media, the Kickstarter page, and on partners’ websites.




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