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AADOM provides dental office managers with resources and empowers professionals who create and manage successful dental practices. Every year hundreds of AADOM members attend an annual conference. Before, during, and after the 2017 conference, a significant number of natural disasters occurred, including severe weather, flooding, fires, and Hurricane Harvey. The events left many members stuck at the conference or returning home to massive damage to their homes and/or businesses. The AADOM tribe members came together to provide emotional support, financial assistance, and supplies to members who were impacted by the disasters. AADOM and RevenueWell, a partner who provides patient communication software to dental practices, approached Paper Napkin Marketing about producing an event and content at their 2018 conference to celebrate and showcase their tribe members after all they did to provide love and support during the 2017 conference.


Paper Napkin Marketing went to work building the opening night of the conference which revolved around the I AM… experience. The over-the-top production invited over 250 AADOM members to create personal and powerful content during the I AM… AADOM campaign. The  production was a powerful testament to the members, organizations, and skills of Paper Napkin Marketing who produced an impressive, dynamic, and polished I AM… AADOM campaign in less than 48 hours.

Paper Napkin Marketing provided AADOM with the following marketing services:

  • Developed and produced a promotional video for the I AM… experience in Chicago. The production included identifying team members, securing space and equipment, issuing call sheets and wardrobe requirements, providing detailed storyboard, directing the production of the I AM… content, and overseeing the post-production process.

  • Designed and distributed promotional materials to AADOM attendees including: email blasts, t-shirts, signage, and model release forms.

  • Produced I AM… experience event which included developing partnerships, arranging materials, overseeing volunteers and production crew, and ensuring event exceeded goals set by sponsors.

  • Produced over 250 I AM… photos and the I AM… AADOM video, which premiered at the closing event of the conference and has been viewed on Facebook over 7,000 times. The I AM… photos were edited by a team of six retouchers who were hired and coordinated in five different time zones.

  • Followed up AADOM participants with photos along with surveys about their I AM… experience. Provided sponsors with all assets, in a variety of formats, for marketing use.


The Paper Napkin team created an unforgettable experience for our conference attendees. Over 200 attendees participated in the “I AM” Experience. It brought our members together, physically and emotionally, and created a lasting bond between them and the association that has lasted long past the conference. It also helped attendees to look inward, celebrate themselves and each other, and was one of the best and most impactful events we’ve ever hosted at an AADOM conference.
— Lorie Streeter, Vice President at AADOM