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OMG Meal Prep was built on a foundation of health and happiness and was inspired by the journey of the founders. The meal delivery company focused on great tasting food that met the needs of any type of client from a busy professional, a part-time athlete, to a bodybuilder. There was competition in the local food delivery market and the dynamic duo was overwhelmed in the kitchen prepping and cooking the food. They recognized they weren’t using technology and automated systems including a point-of-sale system which meant they were losing revenue and not growing. They wanted to move away from handwritten orders and into using technology and tools so they could use their time to create partnerships, sell more food, and tell their powerful story.


Paper Napkin Marketing performed extensive competitive analysis and identified the differentials between their brand and their competition. We focused the branding, marketing, and messaging around living your best life and pushed to the forefront the owner, who was a strong and award-winning female bodybuilder. The lack of technology meant that customers had to take extra steps to place their orders but we quickly identified that they didn’t mind because of their extreme brand loyalty and success of reaching their goals with the food. We used dedicated customers as a tool to market and promote OMG Meal Prep.

Paper Napkin Marketing provided OMG Meal Prep with the following marketing services:

  • Designed the branding which included the logo, stationery, business cards, email signatures.

  • Designed updated packaging including meal containers, bags, and signage.

  • Created marketing assets, including photos of the food for use on social media. Developed and executed a social media calendar along with an aggressive SEM plan.

  • Developed and reached out to ambassadors, everyday clients, along with local celebrities who became brand ambassadors. Negotiated contracts and trained participants how to use tools to easily create content for the brand on social media.

  • Established a training program, budget, and collected content, including client testimonials. In addition, developed a partnership program with trainers at local gyms and vendors such as a tanning studio, hair salon, and plastic surgeon who provided botox.

  • Developed a shopping experience and backend on the website which included an opportunity for the customer to pick and choose specific portions of protein, carbs, and vegetables along with snacks and sauces. The shopping experience included schedule and skipping deliveries, customer profiles, and the opportunity to change their weekly order.

  • Delivered a fully responsive website that introduced the brand, food, the trainers, partners, and ambassadors.




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