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Miami is HOT and we’re not just referring to the weather. Miami is packed with beautiful beaches, cars, and of course people. The fitness market was already saturated with gyms, trainers, and meal delivery services which meant we had to get creative when coming up with a dynamic campaign for Muscle Meals Fitness which was looking to stand out from the competition.


Paper Napkin Marketing recognized that Miami is a city unlike any other and the social pressure of Miami often meant that one needed to be, well, perfect. The perfect car, house, bank account, and of course body. We brought together this mindset along with everyday moments, people, and relationships and of course the perfect meal from Muscle Meals Fitness. The results were a dynamic and Miami-inspired print and social media campaign.

Paper Napkin Marketing provided Muscle Meals Fitness with the following marketing services:

  • The development, planning, and production of a print and social media campaign, The Perfect. We developed the concept, secured the models and location, produced the content, and then executed an SEM campaign that resulted in an increase of business for Muscle Meals Fitness.




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