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Our Instagram feeds are packed with images of chiseled bodies, an endless amount of quick fixes, and discounts for supplements which promise to give dramatic results. What has become an elite group of bodybuilders has become mainstream and today the gym is packed with young men who are using and abusing steroids in order to reach their goal. This problem is disproportionately affecting the gay community. A recent study showed that one in seven gay men admitted to using steroids in the last twelve months. As the number continues to climb we recognized that creating a safe space for the community that educated on fitness, healthy ways to reach one’s goal, and support from other like-minded gay men was not only in demand but could potentially save lives.


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has become a top destination for gay men because of the beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, and welcoming environment for the LGBT community. We traveled to Puerto Vallarta to partner with a world-renowned bodybuilder along with an award-winning trainer to build the first BodyBuilding Camp. The all-inclusive camp brought together gay campers for an immersive experience focused on the body, mind, and soul. The camp, hosted at a beautiful home overlooking the ocean, brought together daily training at the gym, cooking classes, meals, time at the spa, yoga in the rainforest, a variety of land and sea activities, and most importantly a group of peers to support them through the process. The Bodybuilding Camp was a unique opportunity to give back to the community by supporting local businesses and gave the tools for campers before, during, and after camp to reach their goals while staying healthy.


We provided The Bodybuilding Camp with the following marketing services:

  • Designed the branding which included the logo, stationery, business cards, and email signatures.

  • Developed the operating budget and connected with and established partnerships with local LGBT-friendly vendors who could provide services and products to the Bodybuilding Camp.

  • Delivered a fully responsive website that introduced the brand, the trainers and partners, the camp packaged including the benefits and cost, and an opportunity for vendors and partners from other locations such as Mykonos and Phuket to submit interest in working with the Bodybuilding Camp.