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There are over 5,000 colleges and universities in the United States. Young people head to college to continue their education and learn important life lessons. College campuses offer students programs and events that help improve campus life.

The marketplace was packed with entertainment such as magicians and bands but was lacking programs that dealt with difficult topics that college students and/or their peers were facing.


Hope’s Voice was born from the belief that the most powerful tool in creating social change and kindness was sharing the stories of others. The agency, created by Creative Director Todd Murray, looked at issues facing young people and developed programs around topics that were real, relevant, and often misunderstood.

The agency developed dynamic lectures and/or programs and then went to work finding those who were impacted by the issue. Hope’s Voice identified the talent, created curriculum for the event, trained speakers on the most effective way of sharing their story. The agency quickly became a household name with over ten programs, hundreds of programs, over 75 speakers, and impacting the lives of thousands of college students. The award-winning agency was a one-stop shop for materials, training’s, speakers and events that were educating, inspiring, and challenging their campus.

Hope’s Voice events included the following:

  • Define Yourself turned a selfie into an opportunity to bring together a campus community and create an over-the-top art installation, using photos of students.

  • Divas of Diversity was presented by the unforgettable cast member from the hit show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and challenged the campus to embrace and support diversity.

  • Does HIV Look Like Me? Was presented by a young person living with HIV or AIDS who shared the reality of living, not dying, with the disease.

  • Faces of War was presented by an individual who has served our country during times of war and encouraged others to put aside their differences and come together to support veterans on their campus.

  • Flash Mob was presented by a world-renowned dancer and fan favorite from the hit show So You Think You Can Dance” who choreographed the flash dance.

  • Fund Raver was raising funds, awareness, and the roof with a positive and unforgettable EDM experience that captivated the student body.

  • Gone Too Soon was presented by a family member of a loved one who committed sucide and is sharing warning signs and tools that helped prevent a college student from taking their life.

  • Street Art brought prominent world-renowned graffiti artists to create a one-of-a-kind work of art.

  • True Beauty was presented by a cast member from the hit show “The Glee Project” and addressed self worth and self esteem.

We provided Hope’s Voice with the following marketing services:

  • Designed and developed website introducing the brand, Talent and the opportunity to book an event.

  • Followed market trends and developed events that were time relevant. Development included designing event content, creating event materials, recruiting and training Talent and managing the sales calendar.

  • Created a series of marketing promotions to secure new and return customers; consumer marketing included annual catalog, monthly postcards and email blasts.

  • Worked with bookkeeper in implementing accounting, expense and reporting tools for company.

  • Managed series of promotional conferences; duties included creating marketing materials for distribution, submitting showcase applications and collecting customer data for follow up.

  • Developed and trained a team of regional sales managers; duties included creating effective systems for new and existing customers, overseeing follow up and creating documents, contracts and marketing materials for sales team use.





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Fundraver: St. Martin's University

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Fundraver: St. Martin's University

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