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There are a few core professions--doctors, dentists and lawyers--that have been around for a VERY long time. The reality is that a majority of patients understand why dentists are important and what they do, which leaves little need for education and requires one to think outside the box when executing marketing for a dental practice.

The opportunities for dentists to reach patients is narrow because the dental marketing available to their practice is often limited and consists of a few services. They feel overwhelmed, frustrated and don’t want to take the time to utilize and create original content for their social media, direct mail efforts, and/or their website. This means that they quickly become stagnant and blend in with other dentists in their community which does little to increase their bottom line and reaching their marketing goals.


Every dentist has one primary marketing objective--more patients--which in turn increases their bottom line. It is easier said than done, we promise, to reach the goal of every dentist. We love a good challenge and stepping into a market with heavy restrictions on incentives (such as a new iPad when you join the dental family), technology that was slow to evolve, and little if any differences between competitors, forced Paper Napkin Marketing to get creative.

The reality is that while people know they should go to the dentist, the fear of pain, lack of insurance, and time involved prevent them from doing so. When developing marketing content for Hidden Springs Family Dentistry we were committed to addressing patient challenges head on and building marketing collateral that was less clinical and more patient friendly.

Hidden Spring Family Dentistry is located in West Linn, Oregon an influential suburb of Portland. While the practice sits in a prominent neighborhood within a busy shopping area, the lack of signage, limited number of accepted insurances, and a practice that only saw patients a few days a week all posed challenges when thinking about marketing. We stepped away and looked at the strength in the business, which was the relationships the team had with their patients. We quickly saw that patients’ personal life were discussed chair side far more than teeth. We used the power of relationships in and out of the practice, created dynamic programs for pediatric patients, thought outside the box when working with the community, celebrated team members by sharing their stories, and created a legacy for Hidden Spring Family Dentistry that not only created brand recognition but brought new patients through their door.

Paper Napkin Marketing provided Hidden Springs Family Dentistry with the following services:

  • Managed extensive in-house team as well as five consultants. Responsibilities included developing contracts, budgets, timelines and coordinating productions with the team, community and Hidden Springs Family Dentistry along with overseeing revisions and deliverables.

  • Identified and established an extensive marketing plan for traditional and digital marketing opportunities in the community as well as developed the concept and creativity for the placement.

  • Developed internal and external marketing program including patient referrals, new patient kits, as well as provided Hidden Springs Family Dentistry with on-site meetings to review marketing goals and establish ongoing deliverables.

  • Created extensive reporting metrics which were provided to Hidden Springs Family Dentistry to show spending habits, new patient growth, social media impact and a variety of other valuable marketing analytics.

  • Established extensive social media plan including developing themed-based calendar, original content, managed advertising account including budgets and assets, provided practice with social media reports and managed hashtag campaign. Increased the practices’ engagement, page likes and brand presence.

  • Developed and produced marketing materials including a practice tour. Responsibilities included managing production team, equipment, and editing deliverables.

  • Developed mobile-friendly websites with integrated campaign materials with SEO.





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I hired Todd and his team in because they bring a new approach to dental marketing. I have saved money by eliminating unnecessary marketing costs and Paper Napkin Marketing has consolidated and branded all my marketing efforts into one controllable entity instead of a bunch of scattered efforts aimed at attracting new patients.
— Dr. Robert Darke, Owner at Hidden Springs Family Dentistry