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i bring my passion for people, commitment to quality, and extensive experience to every project and team. As a Creative Director MY PRIMARY ROLEs AT PAPER NAPKIN MARKETING focus on storytelling, design, producing events, and DEVELOPING powerful campaigns. my work shares the stories of products, brands, PEOPLE, causes, and communities.




I am often asked what the story is behind the name Paper Napkin Marketing. First of all, no, it’s not because I used to sell paper napkins and other household products.

In my early days of marketing I was given the challenging but rewarding experience of traveling the world to meet with young people and to hear their stories. Often documenting stories was a difficult because technology didn’t exist as we know it today. Having reliable cell service was a struggle, internet was hard to find, and Facebook was still an idea in a dorm room at Harvard University.

The lack of technology often meant I had to be resourceful. When I asked a brave person who was making a change in his or her community to share their story, I would write their words on paper napkins. The words spoke of their pain, struggle, success, and most importantly, the human spirit. The napkins and the words became much more than pen on paper. They represented my work, the honor I felt to meet so many extraordinary individuals, and my commitment to create change through the work I was doing.


Paper Napkin Marketing has required commitment which I learned from my Grandpa Van. He would spend evenings watching his television programs during which he would take an ordinary napkin and turn into a hard, tight, little ball. The process was slow and took lots of work but the reward for us both was that each time I came to see him, I would check his pockets for a napkin ball. Back then it was just a way for us to connect, but today I see the lessons he was teaching me.

Paper Napkin Marketing is dedicated to all those who have trusted us to tell their stories and to my Grandpa Van who taught me the meaning of hard work, commitment, and being kind to others.

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