Dear John (aka Paper Napkin Marketing),

You are reading this after twenty long years of being together but it’s time to break up. I promise it’s not you, it’s me. Just kidding, it really is you!

Please don’t be angry because I’ve shared my goodbye letter with potential employers who may be considering having me join their team. Before you and I part ways I want you to know that the experience I had during our time together has shaped who I am today. I am a better brother, son, friend, partner, and human being because of the people we met and the work we did together.

Our journey was born from a passion for hearing and sharing stories. While peers were pursuing degrees, we were given the opportunity to work with communities stigmatized by fear. The work took us from the villages in Swaziland, streets of South Africa, communities around Thailand, and into the royal palace in Norway. The work was a real-life education and taught me that the strongest tool we have is our story and our commitment to use it, even in the face of discrimination.

My passion for storytelling runs deep and my belief is that every product has a story and every brand has an opportunity to make a positive difference. But let’s be honest. Running Paper Napkin Marketing took sacrifice, passion, and a commitment to work harder than you’ve ever worked before. The monetary and emotional cost of running you took away relationships, hobbies, vacations, and often the ability to pursue other passions.

Our time together has changed my life and those around us. We have worked with students, teachers, schools, small business owners, international nonprofits, celebrities, and royalty and though each project and client was different, there was one thing that was the same. Every person had a story to share. While I know you have mixed feelings about me moving on, you need to know I am doing my part to find the right team that needs and welcomes my expertise, passion, and experience.

It’s time for me to move on and say goodbye to the thousands of fascinating, amazing people we have met along the way who have inspired me, taught me valuable lessons, and trusted us with their story. I must say thank you to them all. To those we’ve met, please know you are stronger, braver, and continue to give me hope that even in the darkest days, because your light shines bright, we will all be okay.


With love and gratitude, thank you, Paper Napkin Marketing, for the best twenty years, ever.
- Todd