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Marketing to prospective patients can be challenging. As a dentist, you don’t often have the time, knowledge or the resources to do the marketing yourself and there are many questions to answer. “Does my website provide the information potential patients need?” “How do I get potential new patients through my front door?” “How do I convert leads into solid patients?” These are all good questions and we have the answers!

At Paper Napkin Marketing we offer dental marketing services aimed at telling your story and increasing your bottom line with the latest technology, training for your team and powerful content that is built for social media. We are redefining dental marketing and we’ve spent countless hours creating campaign strategies that attract new patients, educate existing patients and engage and inspire the community you proudly call home. We know your practice is unique, what is your marketing?  {We know your practice is unique, what about your marketing?}



I am often asked what the story is behind the name--Paper Napkin Marketing. First of all, no, it’s not because I used to sell paper napkins and other household products!!

The name of my agency comes from a personal place in my own journey of marketing and storytelling. I was inspired at an early age to look at things differently and understand that anything is possible. I learned that lesson from a man who many called Dick (or Richard) but to me he was Grandpa. He was a kind, gentle man who had a funny little hobby. Grandpa would spend evenings watching his television programs and he’d take an ordinary paper napkin in his hand and turn it into a hard, tight, little ball. Each time I came to see him, I would check his pockets for a napkin ball to play with. He would also give them to my aunt’s cat to bat around as well as to the neighborhood kids.

The special memory I had with Grandpa taught me about seeing simple things and turning them into something useful. It also showed me that anything is possible. What started out as an ordinary paper napkin was created into something completely different.  Years later I thought about my Grandpa’s little balls and realized it was pivotal point in understanding my gift as a storyteller and being able to create content that has purpose and meaning. Little did I know back then that the little napkin ball would continue to have a profound impact in my own storytelling journey.


In my early days of marketing I was given the challenging but rewarding experience of traveling the world to meet with young people and to hear their stories. I was tasked with helping them share those stories of incredible struggle but also compassion, kindness, and opportunities in their communities. My travels took me to Swaziland, South Africa, Norway, Mexico, Thailand, and Cambodia, as well as other locales. In the countries where I worked, having a reliable cell phone was a struggle, landlines often didn’t exist, and Facebook was still an idea in a dorm room at Harvard University.

The lack of technology often meant I had to be resourceful. When I would ask a young brave person who was making a change in his or her community to share their story, I would write their words on paper napkins. The words spoke of their pain, struggle, success, and most importantly, the human spirit. The napkins and the words became much more than pen on paper.  They represented my work, the honor I felt to meet so many extraordinary individuals, and my commitment to create change through the work I was doing.

My passion for creating content around people, brands, products and stories is driven by the people in my life who have given me the opportunity to understand the power and purpose in everything we do. Everybody has a story.